Planting for Positive Impacts

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Living Carbon’s populus canescens tree planted at SCRA’s Applied Technologies Center in Summerville, SC and SCRA’s MUSC Innovation Center in Charleston, SC.

An SCRA Tenant Feature

SCRA takes great pride in its deliberate support of initiatives and programs that actively address climate change, promote clean energy initiatives, and promote overall sustainability. As a testament to this, our MUSC Innovation Center tenant, Living Carbon, has a mission to responsibly rebalance the planet’s carbon cycle using the power of plants. Guided by generations of scientific research, Living Carbon aims to restore ecosystems, enhance biodiversity, and bolster the capacity of photosynthetic organisms to draw down and store carbon from the atmosphere.

Living Carbon’s work is at the forefront of innovation, encompassing biotechnology, land use efficiency, and ecosystem restoration.

Living Carbon’s biotech seedlings are a prime example of their innovative approach. These seedlings are designed to capture and store more carbon, all while using less land. They are the foundation of Living Carbon’s carbon projects, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions and their tangible contributions to the environment.

Living Carbon’s commitment to land use efficiency is evident in their choice of planting locations. They strategically plant trees on land that is already degraded, such as abandoned mine lands and underutilized agricultural land. This approach not only helps restore these areas but also significantly contributes to their forest carbon projects.

Lastly, Living Carbon trees improve biodiversity and restore ecosystems and soil health. Their mixed stand plantings can be grown with limited site preparation, and the seedlings grow faster, preventing invasive shrub growth.

To help spread the word about their work, Living Carbon has planted trees at SCRA sites around the state. You can follow their ongoing work online.

Planting crew on a Living Carbon reforestation site in Southern Ohio, 2023