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SCRA’s mission is to fuel South Carolina’s innovation economy by accelerating technology-enabled growth in research, academia, entrepreneurship, and industry. We do this through the work of our four programs, SC Academic Innovations, SC Facilities, SC Industry Solutions and SC Launch. Startups and founders begin by submitting an application to be considered for support and funding. Those selected to be part of the program based on the criteria listed below, become SCRA Member Companies.


We admit and invest in companies that fit the following expectations:

To ensure our companies are contributing to the betterment of our state, it is imperative that the company be located within our state, or its employees live in SC.

Registration validates the company’s intention to do business in South Carolina and exhibit sincere interest in our program.

Our goal is to support industries that can grow quickly, hire skilled employees, utilize local higher education talent, and bring outside capital into SC.

Having a resource committed full-time is a strong indicator that the company is serious about its success and willing to contribute time, effort, and resources towards its viability.

IP provides protection from competitors and additional risk(s). If IP is limited, the company’s business model should reflect the appropriate strategy(ies) to mitigate risk(s).

This demonstrates the business has product-market fit, customer demand, and a path to market. It exhibits a scalable business model that will require future investment to continue its trajectory.

Founder-funded or initial external capital indicates a founder’s commitment to the growth of the business. SCRA should not be a company’s first or primary source of external capital.

SCRA is a public, non-profit corporation chartered in 1983 by the State of South Carolina.

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