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Region: Midlands
Industry: Information Technology
Funding Received: Acceleration Grant

“SCRA’s SC Launch program has the people and experience to help a company like ours go from idea stage into reality and really create value in the marketplace.”

David Stringer, PresidentYour Configurator empowers anyone to dynamically build scalable, custom configurators using a “drag and drop” visualization platform. Based on the patented process of Insignia’s visualization software, the focus for is to bring a “drag and drop” “do it yourself” visualization platform to marketers and product sellers across many industries and marketplaces.

In 2017, received an Acceleration Grant from SCRA’s entrepreneurial program, SC Launch. The grant help finalize development in preparation to debut the product at an industry conference.

“Our goal is to democratize visual configurators for sellers of all sorts of products,” says co-developer and Vice President James Brooks. “We hope to empower everyone from the individual seller to large manufacturers, with a scalable, flexible visual configuration platform.”