Voterheads Announces the Expansion of their Collaboration with Ballotpedia

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Columbia,, a South Carolina technology company, is excited to announce the expansion of its local government monitoring and reporting collaboration with Ballotpedia. Visitors to Ballotpedia’s city and county web pages will now be able to see agendas and details of upcoming and recent local public meetings. The collaboration was launched last year for Ballotpedia’s largest 100 cities pages in the U.S., and has now expanded to the counties for those cities. Click here to see the list of counties.

“Voters in America have found Ballotpedia to be a wonderful resource,” said Voterheads CEO Mike Switzer, “and we are proud to continue to add to this useful civic information through our nationwide database.” Daniel Anderson, a managing editor with Ballotpedia, adds “We have very much enjoyed our relationship with Voterheads, and are delighted to expand access for our readers to include local public meeting information on our city and county pages.”

Ballotpedia readers can easily scroll down to “Recent Meetings” to access the local meeting information. An example of the list of meetings for Dekalb County, GA can be seen here.




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