| Information Technology

Region: Upstate
Industry: Information Technology, Life Sciences
Funding Received: SC Launch, Inc. Investment

Craig Walker was surprised and frustrated to discover that the fastest way to get a second opinion was to mail an ultrasound of his unborn child to a distant physician. Surely the Internet had the capability to speed the process.

That moment of frustration compelled Craig to solve the problem. The technology solution Craig created is a powerful web-based platform that enables physicians to read and interpret diagnostic studies from anywhere in the world. The ultimate results are faster, better patient diagnoses.

Headquartered in Greenville, SC, Craig formed VidiStar in 2005 to commercialize the unique patented technology and began to consider where to base his new company. An early investment from SC Launch Inc. was the deciding factor that drew Craig and his team to South Carolina. The company received investments from SC Launch Inc. in 2008 and 2010.

“SC Launch support was instrumental in my decision to form VidiStar in South Carolina.”

Craig Walker, Founder and CEOVidistar

Now a graduate company, VidiStar has achieved great success, expanding the range of uses of the technology, its customer base and revenues. Vidistar partnered with Industry and Academia to achieve company growth and heighten research capacity.

  • In 2015 they expanded operations and moved into a 4,000 sq. ft. facility in Greenville. – Read Story
  • In 2016 Vidistar partnered with Clemson University and introduced a cloud-based reviewing and reporting system that has significantly enhanced their Cardiovascular Imaging Leadership (CVT) program – Read story
  • In 2018 Ohio-based Hitachi Healthcare America’s Corp., an affiliate of Japan-based Hitachi Ltd., announced it has acquired Vidistar – Read Story