| Information Technology

Region: Upstate
Industry: Advanced Manufacturing and Materials
Funding Received: Acceleration Grant, Product Development Fund Grant, and SC Launch, Inc. Investment

“The team at SCRA has been with us from the beginning and at each step has provided the guidance, connections and resources to move to the next level. We are successful in large part to SCRA. We might have gotten here eventually, but SCRA made the difference that got us here today.”

Mark Ferri, PresidentViatec

Viatec has developed an affordable, green solution for commercial vehicles in the utility, telephone, construction and delivery industries. Their fully electric product, SmartPTO, is equipped to save fuel, reduce maintenance costs and lower noise while commercial vehicles are idling. Through national partnerships, Viatec delivers these products in a modular, flexible and scalable manner to meet customer needs.

The company has received two grants from SCRA. The first, in early 2017, was used for a pilot project on a fleet bucket truck with Greenville County. The second, an Acceleration Grant, was used to complete the development on a production-ready SmartPTO. In 2018, the company also received an SC Launch, Inc. investment to fulfill initial customer orders. Additionally, the company was awarded more than $600,000 by Clean Fuels Advanced Technology Grant from NC Clean Energy Technology Center.