Trane Technologies and IoTco

IoTco, an SCRA Member Company, collaborated with TRANE Technologies to implement predictive maintenance A.I. technologies in their Columbia, SC plant on critical assets and components including press machines, motors, and fans. Continuously monitoring manufacturing assets through predictive maintenance led to a much greater understanding of the true “health” of each asset, and predicting and diagnosing failures before they occur. This not only improved key plant metrics like OEE but also impacted mean time between failure, mean time to repair, and overall labor efficiency and scheduling of maintenance resources. All in all, it established a library of asset templates that are scalable across the global TRANE manufacturing footprint to shorten the time to value.

IoTco provides a turnkey approach to Think Big, Start Small, and Win ROI with A.I. and Predictive Analytics. By utilizing a library of solution templates for a variety of critical asset types, manufacturers can rapidly deploy Predictive Maintenance (zero downtime) and Predictive Quality (zero defect) use cases on the plant floor. Learn more at

This PILOT project represents an excellent use case for the SCRA Demonstration Grant with matching funds from the industry partner, TRANE Technologies, and additional grant support from SCMEP. TRANE coordinated a cross-functional team across multiple plants to consider scalability, operational costs, maintenance and training requirements from the start of the project which has provided a benchmark for other TRANE Technologies’ facilities.

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