SCRA Announces New SC Launch Client Companies 

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Summerville, S.C. – SCRA announced the recent acceptance of five Client Companies into its entrepreneurial program, SC Launch. Client Companies receive mentoring and support services and may also be eligible for grants, matching funds and investments.

Lowcountry Companies

Clinacuity’s solutions extract critical information from patient electronic healthcare records. The data extracted provides clarity and efficiency to improve patient care as well as provides de-identified information to researchers that will enhance treatment outcomes. The company is developing two product prototypes with funding from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences with clinical impact evaluations by Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of Utah.

Get Tech Fit has developed a 3D scanner for mobile devices. The application is targeted for use in manufacturing orthotics and prosthetics. In less than one minute, physicians can use their mobile devices to measure, collect and send a patient’s digital scan to CAD software for shaping and 3D printing. This new method allows for a one-millimeter degree of precision and the opportunity to quickly run multiple iterations for the best patient fit.

Pangea is leveraging neurofeedback to help reduce symptoms of mental health conditions. The company’s wearable Bluetooth headset uses embedded sensors to feed information to a mobile application that will train brainwaves utilizing scientific protocols and algorithms. Currently, neurofeedback solutions are limited due to lack of availability, complexity and high cost. Pangea’s solution will be cost-effective and convenient.

Midlands Company

Healthy Humming’s patented product combines acoustic vibration and pressure to relieve nasal congestion, sinusitis and symptoms of upper airway infections. The company has developed a patented device called the Hummer, which provides a treatment option for sinusitis and other upper airway infections, like the “common cold”. The Hummmer, is a comfortable, clean, cost effective, easy-to-use device which gives a feeling of immediate relief of nasal congestion.

Upstate Company

SW Products, an environmental manufacturing company, produces the Marlee Float™ Skimmer, a patent pending storm water erosion control device. The skimmer can be used in new construction for erosion control, or installed for permanent use in retention and detention ponds. The unique design traps floatables and increases sediment trapping efficiency. Many states, like South Carolina, Alabama and North Carolina, have adopted the use of skimmers to meet EPA requirements.

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