SCRA Announces Six New Client Companies

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Summerville, S.C. – SCRA announced the recent acceptance of six Client Companies into its entrepreneurial program, SC Launch. Client Companies receive mentoring and support services and may also be eligible for funding.

Lowcountry Companies

Procertas has developed the Legal Technology Assessment and the Trainer’s Edition. Both web-based applications assess and train end-user proficiency levels in basic office technologies such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe Acrobat. Currently, the Mount Pleasant-based company is focused on law firms and law schools.

Midlands Companies

Railmo is innovating mobility equipment management. The Columbia-based company has developed a platform that will allow healthcare and airport transportation staff to locate, store, check-out and clean mobile equipment such as wheelchairs. The inventory management system is expected to reduce costs associated with lost wheelchairs and time spent searching for items.

Upstate Companies

Elastrin Therapeutics is a biotech startup located in Simpsonville. The company’s technology restores hardened or damaged arteries and tissues by targeting the elastic fiber and removing the calcification that causes stiffening. Initial applications included reducing hardened arteries, de-calcifying heart valves and use in diabetes and COPD treatment. The technology is licensed from Clemson University.

Mailprotector provides cloud-based email security, compliance and management solutions to businesses, government and non-profit organizations around the world through its extensive network of channel partners. Products include encrypted messaging, anti-phishing, anti-virus, anti-spam, outbound compliance control and reputation protection, email archiving, email continuity, and secure hosted messaging. The company is located in Greenville.

SeeDaten, located at the SPARK Center in Duncan, is partnered with Germany-based IOXPto deliver augmented reality (AR) learning and process analysis techniques to the manufacturing and healthcare industries. The company’s AR solutions can convert any manual workflow or process into an AR training module complete with optic recognition, process verification and ISO certifications. The tool is an Industry 4.0 solution which accelerates associates learning and documents processes.

SpeakPoint is a tool that provides businesses the opportunity to practice, benchmark and validate product messaging internally before reaching out to the customer. Using the company’s proven training method, sales or customer support associates are guided through a series of conversation phases and given speaking points at each step. The tool also gives managers in-depth progress information and the opportunity to review recordings of practice sessions. The company is located in Marietta.

SCRA is a state-chartered organization that fuels job creation and grows South Carolina’s innovation economy. Through SCRA’s Entrepreneurial Programs, early-stage companies are provided mentoring and grants and may be eligible for an investment from SC Launch, Inc. The program is open to qualified South Carolina companies in the Advanced Materials/Manufacturing, Information Technology and Life Sciences industries.

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Chartered in 1983 by the State of South Carolina as a public, non-profit corporation, SCRA fuels South Carolina’s Innovation Economy by supporting entrepreneurs, enabling academic research and its commercialization, and connecting industry to innovators.