SC Launch Inc. Announces Second Investment in Bubble Paper

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Columbia, SC – South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA’s) investment affiliate, SC Launch Inc., has made its second investment in tForm, dba, Bubble Paper. This $300,000 investment will help the startup accelerate its growth to continue producing eco-friendly packaging solutions.


Bubble Paper became an SCRA Member Company in 2018 and received a $25,000 Project Development Fund Grant. They received a $50,000 Acceleration Grant in 2019 and later became an SC Launch Inc. Portfolio Company the same year when they received their first investment of $300,000.

Bubble Paper’s unique packaging solutions directly replace plastic bubble film wrap, styrofoam, and starch-based foam products. As a curbside-recyclable and biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic packaging, Bubble Paper reduces material waste while leveraging well-managed, plant-based renewable resources.  Their in-house design team tailors packaging solutions for any application. They also have in-house tooling capabilities that utilize the latest machining and 3D printing techniques. Having both design and tooling under one roof speeds development and lowers overall costs because of their streamlined process. Also, Bubble Paper’s proprietary intellectual property puts them in a unique position in the market and allows them to rapidly alter production to fulfill customer needs and exceed customer expectations.

“Bubble Paper is transforming the packaging industry by providing packaging materials that provide the same level of physical protection and temperature control that current plastic alternatives have at a comparable cost. Many areas of the country, including several counties in South Carolina, have already banned plastic foam insulation used to keep food cold and protect products in shipping. This trend is likely to accelerate over the next decade and Bubble Paper is uniquely positioned to leverage this movement,” said Steve Johnson, SCRA Investment Manager.

Founder and CEO, Benjamin Moore said, “The teams at SCRA and SC Launch Inc. have trusted our vision from the beginning of the partnership. They saw evidence of our advanced manufacturing and technology capabilities which gave them the assurance that we were on track for strong growth. We owe credit to them for helping us reach this new level of success.”

“Ben, Wes, and their team have built an exciting, technologically advanced company, in which we are excited to invest as they continue to take Bubble Paper to new heights,” said Bob Quinn, SCRA Executive Director. “With their in-house capabilities and expertise, and thoughtful approach to customer satisfaction, they are well-positioned to continue growing and scaling in the packaging market.”

Bubble Paper is an eco-friendly company with ‘Mother Nature’ in mind. Their products are  developed to reduce plastic use and deliver environmentally friendly packaging that is versatile, safe, functional, and cost-effective.




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Established in 2006, SC Launch Inc. is the investment affiliate of the South Carolina Research Authority. The independent nonprofit corporation provides loans and investments to selected South Carolina-based companies participating in the SC Launch program.

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