Launch & Learn: The OTA Playbook Webinar (May 5, 2020)

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Weds, May 5, 2020
11 am – 12 noon EDT


Online via GoToWebinar

The OTA Playbook Webinar – How You Can Collaborate with the Government

The Government is looking for tech businesses like yours, learn how to get involved and pursue R&D contracts.

Government-funded R&D spending is increasing and “Other Transaction Agreements” (OTAs) provide an easily accessible vehicle for small businesses and academia to enter the federal R&D marketplace. OTAs offer more speed and flexibility in the procurement process and they incentivize pairing small business with corporate partners and federal funding. In this webinar learn about how OTAs work, the benefits, best practices and how to get involved.

We are excited to have Russ Keller, Senior VP of Medical and Software Division at Advanced Technology International (ATI) host this webinar.