Evotion Design (previous dba SOVI)

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Industry: Information Technology
Funding Received: SC Launch, Inc. Investment

The funding from SCRA’s SC Launch program has helped us greatly bulk up our infrastructure and inventory, which has led to increased gross revenues and net margins.

Trey Pringle, Founder SOVI

Co-founders Tom Evans and Trey Pringle have combined their UIX design experience, programming interface expertise and event promotion backgrounds to create a product for the growing concert and event industry.

Their solution, SOVI, is an app that curates concert tickets based on a user’s interests and location. The app consolidates multiple ticket sources from large and small venues and uses predictive analytics to gauge demand. SOVI has sold tickets in 25 cities, at more than 300 venues, for more than 1,200 artists.

SOVI chose South Carolina as their home in 2014 and has been an SC Launch Portfolio Company since 2016, when they received a $200,000 convertible note. SOVI received a second tranche of SC Launch, Inc. funding in 2017. The additional $200,000 has allowed the company the continue to grow.

“SC Launch has been an integral part of our growth and success as a company.” said Trey Pringle, CEO and Co-Founder of Sovi, “The resources and partnership they provided gave us the necessary leverage to grow our revenue more than 10 times in a small window of time, a true game changer that has set us up for large-scale achievements in the years to come.”