Ellipsis Technologies Receives SC Launch, Inc. Investment

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Summerville, S.C. – Ellipsis Technologies recently received a $100,000 investment from SC Launch, Inc. The Greenville-based company was accepted into SCRA’s entrepreneurial program, SC Launch, in December 2015 and received the first investment, of $200,000, in March 2016.

Ellipsis Technologies has created Human Presence™, a bot security detection and mitigation service for websites. Unlike typical bot detection methods that require human interaction, Human Presence™ invisibly analyzes human behavior using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms mapping natural site visitor movements to determine if the visitor is a human or a bot. The company’s technology is currently deployed with e-commerce merchants worldwide to improve user experience and ensure that their site is defended against malicious traffic.

“The recent SC Launch, Inc. investment will be used to expand the Human Presence marketing to new app platforms and increase support efforts for existing channels, which include a five-star app for Shopify, a private app for Shopify Plus merchants, a Drupal module, a Magento extension and integrations with Convesio, Centarro and others.” said Bill West, CEO of Ellipsis.

“Our team built a strong, collaborative rapport with the Ellipsis team,” said Jill Sorensen, SCRA Director of Entrepreneurial Programs and SC Launch, Inc. Executive Director. “This made room for productive discussions about what to finance, how and when. As a result, SC Launch, Inc. was able to advance financial support to Ellipsis at a critical time in the company’s growth.”

SCRA is a state-chartered organization that fuels job creation and grows South Carolina’s innovation economy. Through SC Launch, early-stage companies are provided mentoring and grants and may be eligible for an investment from SC Launch, Inc. The SC Launch program is open to qualified South Carolina companies in the Advanced Materials/Manufacturing, Information Technology and Life Sciences sectors.

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Chartered in 1983 by the State of South Carolina as a public, non-profit corporation, SCRA fuels South Carolina’s Innovation Economy by supporting entrepreneurs, enabling academic research and its commercialization, and connecting industry to innovators.

About SC Launch, Inc.

Established in 2006, SC Launch, Inc. is an independent, non-profit corporation affiliated with SCRA, which provides loans and investments to selected South Carolina-based companies participating in the SC Launch program.