DIG South Tech Summit

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April 24 – 26, 2019


Charleston Gaillard Center
95 Calhoun St
Charleston, SC 29401

DIG SOUTH Tech Summit selects the best of the best, the most innovative founders, executives, experts and fast-track entrepreneurs working today in technology, marketing and business. Our attendees want to hear the real story from people in the game right now: What does it take to make it as an entrepreneur? What’s the most important new tech for us to consider adopting? Where should we spend our limited resources? How can we increase revenues by 10x? When should we pivot? Take venture capital? Exit? And how do you recruit the very top talent?

We want to hear your story … What does it take to make it as a founder? What’s your brand story? Growth story? What did you learn from your biggest failure? … What’s the story of the most relevant new tech platforms in AdTech, Blockchain, Healthtech, Saas, IoT, social media, AI? How can I partner with a Fortune 500? When should I pivot? Take venture capital? What’s the story of your biggest exit? … What’s the story of the future?