Experienced Attorneys. Storied History. Unique Culture.

Collaboration and Collegiality

Wyche has a rare sense of collegiality among our attorneys. We have a unique structure that ensures we are focused on the best result for the client. We are not focused on the billable hour, and our model fosters collaboration. Because of this, we do not operate like most law firms where attorneys work in silos and adopt an “eat-what-you-kill” mentality. Instead, our attorneys are rewarded for teamwork, finding innovative solutions, and service to our clients and the community.

A Rich Legacy

Wyche is built on a daring idea – the notion that a small firm in South Carolina can attract world-class talent to pursue a cutting-edge legal practice. As we celebrate our Centennial, we are filled with gratitude for the countless friends and clients who have helped to make that idea a reality. It’s humbling to see the ways in which the bold vision of the firm’s early leaders has been realized, and it’s inspiring to know that same spirit thrives today.

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