As a leading provider of Fractional CFO services, Luft Advisory Services partners with your team to navigate financial intricacies, unlocking opportunities for sustainable growth and operational excellence across a multitude of sectors.

At Luft Advisory Services, we seamlessly integrate with your operations, offering a suite of tailored financial services, ranging from meticulous reporting to strategic mergers guidance.

We empower your decision-making and foster sustainable business growth with our Fractional CFO services.

Our expertise spans various sectors, including technology, internet, retail, software, BPO, telecommunications, professional services, manufacturing, and food & beverage. Our firm collaborates with startups, private and publicly traded companies, private equity firms and family funds in areas such as financial & management reporting, internal controls/policies & procedures, financial planning & analysis, growth/cost-saving initiatives, and mergers & acquisitions.

We have a reputation for providing thoughtful and passionate guidance, leading to the development of successful strategic plans that enhance your company’s effectiveness, streamline processes, and improve operational efficiency.

In summary, our dedicated professionals are committed to elevating our clients’ overall business performance, exceeding their expectations, and delivering solutions that empower their success.