In less than five years, Build Carolina was envisioned, launched, and scaled to become South Carolina’s leading non-profit organization for the tech community – the most valuable pool of talent for the future of our state. It’s mission is to advance South Carolina’s tech community through demand-driven training, connection and support.

By the close of 2022, Build Carolina had launched and currently runs three programs, each aiming to help more people unlock skills training and careers in the technology industry: SC Codes, Carolina Code School, and Develop Carolina. However, the organization isn’t here to create programs for the sake of creating programs. Build Carolina is greater than the sum of its parts – it keeps a constant finger on the pulse of the tech talent ecosystem.

Why does the mission of Build Carolina matter? Why is this work so vital? Technology is at the center of our collective future of work – in South Carolina and beyond. Helping people build skills today that will unlock technical career paths increases economic mobility, improves educational systems, and illuminates new career opportunities. Learn more.