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We couldn’t meet our mission without YOU.

Your contribution enables SCRA and its investment affiliate SC Launch Inc. to provide coaching, grants, investments, and other types of support for technology startups and for academic research and development. This support creates a direct, positive economic effect and job creation for South Carolina.

Your Contributions are Helping to Save Lives

Heartbeat Technologies, an SCRA Member Company, has invented The SAVER, a device aimed at improving cardiac arrest outcomes. The SAVER improves CPR performance and confidence by increasing blood pressure providing real-time feedback on CPR effectiveness.Learn more.

Your Contributions are Furthering Cancer Research

Victory ExoFibres, an SCRA Member Company, is a Clemson University-based start-up company, focused on the utilization of patented capillary-channeled polymer (CCP) fibers and films to efficiently isolate exosomes from body fluids. Learn more.

Your Contributions are Helping to Create a Cleaner Environment

Bubble Paper, an SC Launch Inc Portfolio Company, was developed to push the limits of paper and deliver an eco-friendly cushioning wrap that’s both versatile and super effective. From cushioning to thermal protection, this is a novel solution. Learn more.

SCRA is a public, non-profit corporation chartered in 1983 by the State of South Carolina.