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SC Launch Client Companies receive mentoring support and are eligible to apply for grant funding and an investment from SC Launch, Inc.  Graduate companies have successfully launched out of the program. Companies are aligned with Information Technology, Life Sciences or Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sectors.

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Portfolio Company | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Integrated Biometrics designs and manufactures the lightest, fastest, most accurate FBI certified fingerprint sensors, for the world's leading biometric enrollment and verification solution providers.
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Information Technology 
Interloop provides a predictive sales forecasting and sales execution platform that helps sales teams crush their quotas.
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Graduate | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Defense contractor specializing in purpose built light tactical and protected vehicles, to include occupant survivability solutions and custom integrated applications for military armored vehicles. Additionally, Jankel offers turn-key non-lethal, electronic defeat platforms that are used for discreet vehicle interdiction; which includes automobile, drone, and maritime systems' disablement.
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 Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
KIYATEC Inc. performs standard and custom in vitro cell based assays through contract service offerings for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The company creates and utilizes live phenotypic 3D cell-based models for drug response profiling and applies them to generate information relevant to preclinical testing, clinical trials and clinical cancer diagnostics applications.
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Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Koios uses private sector marketing practices to serve the public interest. For example, we help libraries show up in local Google search results. With Koios, when someone searches "learn spanish" in Google, they see their library's free language learning resources first.
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Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing  LaminaHeat has created a patented, thin-film, carbon-based full surface composite heating technology that allows customers to quickly and safely incorporate heat into their products. The company’s novel solution can be integrated into bridges or walkways to melt ice and snow, flooring to heat transit vehicles, tile bathroom floors, automotive seating and a variety of other uses. Visit Company Website 

Client Company | Information Technology
Latett has created a social sharing and publishing platform, called Gides, which merges multiple revenue streams, viewing options and distribution capabilities into a unified platform. The platform uses a versatile and easy-to-use content creation interface.
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Grant Funding · Landing Party | Life Sciences 
Leukogene Therapeutics Inc. is a Charleston-based biotechnology startup developing a platform of targeted therapies for patients with advanced cancers. Based on research from the Medical University of South Carolina the company is focusing on developing new treatments for drug resistant Multiple Myeloma and other cancer types.…

Life Sciences 
Lignin Enterprises provides recovery boiler de-constriction services to the Kraft paper manufacturing industry...a global business requiring over $1.0 Bil of such services over the next 5-10 years. The company also is a leading marketer and application developer of value added lignin and lignin products.
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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
Lithium Ion Power owns a proprietary technology to produce nanopowders on a production scale. Applications include lithium ion battery electrodes and other non-lithium nanoformulations in other energy sectors, pharmaceutical, advanced ceramic and high performance applications. The technology has flexibility in synthesis and scale-up of several types of compounds.…

Information Technology 
Our mission is to bring security back to the internet by providing solutions with security as the foundation while working to inform the community both locally and online of better practices to protect themselves when using the internet.
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Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing  Commercializing technology for advanced material manufacturing using 2D patterns built from nanoparticles. These patterns can be used to manufacture diffractive micro-optics and for creating arrays of nanopores and nanomagnetic structures for life science applications.…

Information Technology 
Mailprotector provides cloud-based email security, compliance and management solutions to businesses, government and non-profit organizations around the world through its extensive network of channel partners. Products include encrypted messaging, anti-phishing, anti-virus, anti-spam, outbound compliance control and reputation protection, email archiving, email continuity, and secure hosted messaging. The company is located in Greenville.
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Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
Marnel Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Charleston, SC, is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing novel therapies for treatment of dermatological conditions and diseases.
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Client Company | Life Sciences
Maven Therapy is developing a physical therapy machine that will allow patients with limiting disabilities to receive treatment. The machine can be used by patients who have suffered from a spinal cord injury, brain injury or stroke, whether they are in a chair or in a bed. The company’s product is designed to be lightweight, easily moved and quickly adjusted.
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