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SC Launch Client Companies receive mentoring support and are eligible to apply for grant funding and an investment from SC Launch, Inc.  Graduate companies have successfully launched out of the program. Companies are aligned with Information Technology, Life Sciences or Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sectors.

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Grant Funding | Life Sciences  Connecting Health Innovations (CHI) is commercializing products and services to screen individuals at risk of diseases caused by chronic inflammation. CHI offers a growing variety of products and services to combat dietary inflammation and improve health and wellness through products based upon our proprietary Dietary Inflammatory Index (DII(R)). Visit Company Website 

Grant Funding | Life Science
Circa Bioscience is focused on developing novel diagnostic, monitoring and surgical technologies for biomedical applications. The bioengineering company is currently working to develop a blood‑based screening test to identify children at increased risk for autism spectrum disorder, enabling earlier diagnosis confirmation, more informed treatment and improved outcomes.
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Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing  CIRTEMO designs patented optics, called Multivariate Optical Elements (MOEs), which are encoded to detect complex chemical signatures. MOEs can be leveraged as sensors and/or hyperspectral imaging systems.…

Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Citibot connects citizens to their local government by integrating text messaging and messenger apps into an interactive customer service experience. With Citibot, citizens report city issues and get answers to their questions, and the city saves time and money by quickly and efficiently solving problems.
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Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Cliently is a lead generation and retention platform that helps companies of all sizes engage with potential prospects. The company’s workflow automation creates personalized content such as emails, postcards, video messages, branded merchandise and even real phone calls to create opportunities without hours of prospecting.
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Life Sciences
Clinacuity's solutions extract critical information from patient electronic healthcare records. The data extracted provides clarity and efficiency to improve patient care as well as provides de-identified information to researchers that will enhance treatment outcomes. The company is developing two product prototypes with funding from the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of General Medical Sciences with clinical impact evaluations by Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina and the University of Utah.
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Client Company | Information Technology COI-Verify has created a patented, cloud-based insurance verification software to ensure coverage and compliance of subcontractors, vendors, service providers or any third party. The company’s platform transfers the risk created by a contract to the responsible party, confirms the insured party’s coverage meets its minimum insurance policy requirements and sends alerts if a policy is not in compliance throughout the life of the contract. Visit Company Website

Client Company · Grant Funding | Information Technology
Compliance Innovations is developing an electronic vehicle license plate that allows Department of Motor Vehicle agencies the capability to wirelessly change a license plate when it’s issued, renewed, expired, suspended or canceled. The company was also approved for an Acceleration Grant to help with prototyping in November 2018.

Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Providing clean roadway energy harvesting devices, systems and integration capabilities, including engineering and construction management services.
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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
CorrScan provides high technology vision systems web control machinery to the corrugated paper board market.
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Client Company | Information Technology CRM Refresh enables businesses to maintain, validate and track changes of data in customer relationship management tools, like Salesforce. Backed by machine learning, CRM Refresh helps growing businesses stay connected with customers and prospective customers automatically with their automated data accuracy and validation engine. The company is located in Greenville. Visit company website

Life Sciences 
Cryogenix has developed novel solutions to preserve human tissues and provide live, reliable samples for human disease research and drug discovery, as well as extending tissue stasis for organ transplant.…

Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
CuRE Innovation is a life science company developing advanced dental materials. The characteristics of CuRE’s patent protected copper iodide (CuI) particles may benefit a range of dental materials, from dental adhesives and sealants to implant abutments. CuRE's lead product from this platform technology is a dental adhesive to be used with resin-based composite dental restorations.
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Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Delta Bravo uses Artificial Intelligence to secure and optimize growing data systems. Once systems are secure and efficient, Delta Bravo applies their platform to the data itself, giving their customers instant AI and Machine Learning capabilities on the data that matters most to their business.
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Client Company | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing  DeSol Power Tiles has developed a complete solution of solar panels with an aesthetically pleasing design that will not compromise overall building design. The solar panels mirror traditional roofing tiles, are easy to mount and are hurricane resistant up to a Category 5. Manufacturing is completed at iTEch in Westminister. Visit Company Website