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SCRA Client Companies and SC Launch, Inc.  Portfolio Companies: On the frontlines battling COVID-19

Supporting efforts to keep students moving and learning while at home due to COVID-19, SC Launch, Inc. Portfolio Company, ActivEd has made their Walkabouts platform temporarily available at no cost to those implementing remote learning. Walkabouts are on-demand adventures that transform math, language arts, and reading content into short, movement-rich activities for Pre-K through Second Grade students. Learn more

SC Launch Client Company, Blue Eye Soft, is working on an advanced solution to assist medical professionals in speeding up the detection and diagnosis of COVID-19 symptoms in patients. They need your help. BES is looking for collaborators to fine tune their models so they can develop and deploy their solution across the globe (see YouTube video). Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch Client Company, Carolina Diagnostic Solutions, was founded as a resource to help clinicians offer better respiratory testing, diagnosis, and treatment to patients. In response to COVID-19, CDS is offering cost-effective and safe solutions to protect clinicians and their patients. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch Client Company, Citibot, is offering SMS Push Notifications FREE for 60 days. City staff can provide two-way SMS notifications (i.e. text messages) to residents to keep them informed with the most up-to-date information. This is especially helpful for low-income residents who rely on mobile devices for communication. Visit Company’s Website

In the news: Coping with COVID (CRBJ, 4/12/20)

SCRA Client Company, Elastrin Therapeutics, has demonstrated proof-of-concept for a patented therapeutic compound that may provide needed repair and restorative function to lungs that have been damaged by the COVID-19 virus. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch Client Company, ERG Payroll & HR, has a web page of COVID-19 Business Resources and is doing business-related webinars. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch, Inc. Portfolio Company, Extremiti3D, is assisting Essentium, Inc in its effort to supply 3D printed masks during the COVID-19 crisis. Contact Phillip Dempsey to learn more about what they are doing to assist companies and individuals with PPE. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch Client Company and recipient of the 2020 BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina SCRA IPF Diamond-Level Contributor Named Acceleration Grant, Hank AI, has teamed with Krumware to build covidsc.com, a statewide, automated patient-driven COVID triage and self-reporting platform – similar to Google Verily, but specific to South Carolina.

SC Launch Client Company, Humimic Medical, is currently producing face shields and working to develop other key supplies in short supply including a novel nasal swab and innovative re-usable face masks. Visit Company’s Website

In the news:

  • Hummic Medical and other Volunteers Provide Essential PPE to Upstate Dentists in Need (SCBIO, 4/27/20)

  • The Power of Collaboration: South Carolina’s Humimic Medical Arming Healthcare Workers for the COVID-19 War (GSABizWire.com, 3/30/20)

SC Launch Graduate Company, KIYATEC, has shifted gears and is making its high-throughput RNA extraction services – an essential step in COVID-19 testing – available to clinical laboratories nationwide to help reduce national bottlenecks and delays in such testing. Learn more

SC Launch, Inc. Portfolio Company, modjoul, developed a mobile application that streamlines the screening process for employee entry into the workplace with a short questionnaire, ensuring symptomatic individuals do not spread illness. In addition to the mobile app, modjoul has developed a wearable platform that when paired can completely automate the screening process by measuring the core body temperature of every employee. Visit Company’s Website

In the News

SC Launch Client Company, Precision Genetics, is producing COVID-19 test kits. Precision Genetics provides the test kits for healthcare facilities and providers looking to test patients using real-time RT-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19) in respiratory specimens. The test uses RT-PCR to detect the virus in upper and lower respiratory specimens. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch Client Company, Pure Aqua Solution, is a technology-centric company that seeks to incorporate the world’s best science and technologies to bring innovative solutions to remediate and rejuvenate the earth’s water and environment. Their technology is able to disinfect homes and offices of all viruses and bacteria,  including Coronavirus. Visit Company’s Website

Visit their Facebook page to see videos of their technology in action

SC Launch Client Company, Sharpen Health, is offering its Sharpen Colleges app for free until the end of August 2020 to students directly and through universities. Sharpen Colleges is vetted information related to the COVID-19 virus, and evidence-based resources to help members cope with anxiety, depression and other mental health challenges. Thanks to Venture South, their Sharpen Founder mental health app is available for free to all entrepreneurs in South Carolina. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch Client Company, Stomagienics, is fast-tracking a device that cuts down on fecal matter contamination commonly associated with current ostomy pouching system changing. Its Ostomy Output Diverter will provide extended wear, replacing need for an adhesive pouching system, and will help prevent contamination associated with COVID-19’s spread. Visit Company’s Website

Vikor Scientific, SC Facilities tenant at 22 WestEdge, understands the importance of the detection of emerging pathogens like Coronavirus and has developed testing kits that not only detect COVID-19, but also over 40 pathogens known to cause respiratory illness. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch Client Company, Zeriscope, has developed a cost-effective, portable telemedicine exam kit and HIPAA-compliant software platform that allows doctors to conduct real-time medical exams remotely, thus reducing the incidence of unwarranted or unnecessary emergency room visits or hospital readmissions. Visit Company’s Website

SC Launch, Inc. Portfolio Company, ZVerse, has overhauled its business model to become one of the largest producers of reusable face shields in the US. ZVerse is currently producing 50,000 shields per day. By mid-April, capacity will grow to 100,000 shields per day. ZVerse Founder and CEO John Carrington projects the company will produce 20 million shields by July. Learn more

SC Launch, Inc. Portfolio Company, Zylö Therapeutics, has an innovative sustained-release topical delivery system that uses patented xerogel-derived silica particles, called Z-pods™, to deliver — in a sustained and controlled manner — notoriously hard-to-deliver therapeutic and cosmetic agents through topical administration. Visit Company’s Website