Primal Logic & Data Corp (primal.) was founded in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, in early 2020. primal. is a software engineering and data technology corporation specializing in digital apps, data analytics, open-source intel, and artificial intelligence. While primal. engineering teams work on your software, their business development and marketing team focuses on strategy for business growth and customer acquisition. Our goal is to provide go-to-market solutions & software for early- and mid-stage firms. Our approach revolves around four main questions:

  • Is the idea commercially viable and can we support it?
  • How will it attract users, corporate alliances, strategic partnerships, employees, and revenue, now and in the future?
  • Will the project help, change, save and/or solve a problem that benefits the community?
  • Do we align with its values and agree with the founder’s optimism for its success?

Our approach is non-traditional, but that’s really the point. We’re not like the other software development companies we ourselves have faced. We help guide SC founders with a holistic view of their idea and work to help them avoid common pitfalls, especially overpaying for software and technology development.