OneinaMil, the only culture driven recruiting firm in the nation, has a mission to change the way the workforce operates and teach others how to build working environments where top talent thrives. We work with companies across the globe sharing our passion and vision for finding top talent and building a culture driven workforce.

We wrote the book on Culture Driven Recruiting and are out on the rooftops evangelizing! The OneinaMil team works with clients all over the nation to build high level organizations that get pretty darn close to a 100% new hire retention rate.

OneinaMil has three core verticals. We specialize in talent matchmaking, human resources, and culture development strategy. We don’t just recruit, we build relationships. We partner with organizations to supplement their internal HR and recruiting practices, ensuring they are constantly hiring and retaining the best talent. We can’t wait to work with you to find your next top hire, help you build and execute your culture development strategy plan or train up your team of recruiters.