What we do:

Hogan Howle Enterprises’ mission is to help companies across the southeast scale by taking over their client’s production, light assembly, inventory, and shipping. HHE will provide a custom solution for the business owner that wants to work more “on” their business than “in” their business.

How we do it: 

Hogan Howle Enterprises uses LEAN process improvement strategies to bring our client’s innovative solutions from prototype to scaled production while controlling capital, per unit, and overall costs.

LEAN: the focus on increasing customer value, the elimination of waste and optimizing operations.

Why we do it:

Hogan Howle Enterprises is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses scale. At HHE we take pride in relieving our clients of some of the operational legwork so they can focus on growing their business.

Other Benefits of Outsourcing:

Hogan Howle Enterprises supports its clients by providing facilities for production, hiring and managing a skilled workforce, and simplifying the supply chain.