Create significance through business.

Achieve growth by maximizing time, team, money, and future.

As an SCRA Member Company, you have created an innovative product or service which has inspired other experienced leaders. Let’s build a thriving business around that vision.

For all owners, and especially founders, it can be difficult to navigate the myriad challenges of growing revenue-generating organizations. We exist as guides to help you understand and apply business fundamentals.

How do I clarify and inspire others with my vision? How do I think and plan strategically? How do I attract and retain the right people? How do I verify a market exists? How do I shift from product development to revenue generation? How do I differentiate from competition? What are my critical constraints? How do I develop and execute a sales plan? How do I attract follow-on investment? How should my company change as it grows? How do I do all of that and still have a life outside of my company? These questions apply from start-up to blue-chip. Learn how to answer them and be the hero of your own story.

Together, we will build or grow your business far faster than possible on your own. Graduate from SCRA. Clarify and cement your impact. Create significance through business.