Alerion Ventures

Alerion Ventures is an evergreen venture capital firm focused on early-stage investments in scalable startups. Based in Charleston, SC, Alerion partners with entrepreneurs primarily in the Southeast.

  • Focus: Alerion Ventures targets one new company investment per quarter with the following attributes:
  • Sector: Alerion will consider companies in a variety of industries, so long as they are capital-efficient and are targeting markets that will allow for substantial scale and return-on-investment. Primary areas of interest include business-to-business software and technology-enabled services and, more selectively, healthcare software and services and energy-efficient technologies. Alerion will not consider consumer-facing companies, drug discovery, medical devices, energy production, or project finance opportunities.
  • Stage: Alerion will first consider an investment once a company has achieved initial market and revenue traction following proof-of-concept including functional product development. While the primary focus is early-stage, opportunistic investments in growth-stage businesses with nearer term exit potential may also be considered. In all stages, Alerion prefers to partner with other experienced venture investors.
  • Region: Based in Charleston, Alerion will consider investments in companies nationally aside from the West Coast and Northeast, but has a preference for those headquartered in the Southeast.