SCRA Member Companies receive mentoring support and are eligible to apply for grant funding and an investment from SC Launch, Inc. Graduate companies have successfully launched out of the program. Companies are aligned with Information Technology, Life Sciences or Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sectors.

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Client Company | Grant Funding | Life Sciences Pure Aqua Solution, LLC is an integration company that continuously identifies and develops a portfolio of the best technologies to remediate some of the world’s most challenging environmental/health concerns. We will be starting in the livestock, poultry industries and remediate the harmful algal bloom problem that exists in lakes and ponds. …

Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
Purilogics™ is developing single-use membrane chromatography columns that simplify the purification process for biologics and increase the purification speed. Purilogics’ membrane products will enable biopharmaceutical companies to rapidly produce affordable medications.
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Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Pursuit Alert is a patented mobile warning system that alerts the public of an active police pursuit or emergency response by a participating law enforcement agency. Both the hardware and software are patented and the accompanying smart phone app is free to the public.
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Client Company | Information Technology 
Quitchet is a real estate platform uniting buyers and sellers, agents, team leaders, brokers, realtor associations and multiple listing services with a seamless system that simplifies the entire home buying and selling process. From searching, scheduling, mapping and viewing, providing feedback, comparing homes, understanding safety improvements all the way through the closing, Quitchet connects all the parties and organizes the journey for everyone involved. Visit Company Website

Life Sciences
Railmo is innovating mobility equipment management. The Columbia-based company has developed a platform that will allow healthcare and airport transportation staff to locate, store, check-out and clean mobile equipment such as wheelchairs. The inventory management system is expected to reduce costs associated with lost wheelchairs and time spent searching for items. Visit Company Website

Portfolio Company | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Recleim is an innovative, next-generation appliance recycling company specializing in closed-loop resource recovery using proprietary technology that is unmatched in the marketplace. The company’s proprietary recycling processes allow Recleim to recover approximately 95% (by weight) of the commodity components in the appliances it recycles, while safely disposing of hazardous chemicals and minimizing waste and environmental impact.
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Portfolio Company | Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
Recovr creates rehabilitation tools that “gamify” therapy for patients and enhance efficiency and outcomes for therapy providers. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Grant Funding | Information Technology
Reporting Xpress is an online reporting solution for nonprofits and their end users that automates reporting and report distribution, freeing up high value employees to focus on more strategic tasks. Visit Company Website

Portfolio Company | Information Technology  REsimplifi collects, connects, & distributes property data to commercial real estate professionals through its connected marketplace.  Visit Company Website 

Grant Funding | Graduate | Life Sciences 
Medical device design, manufacture and distribution of devices that connect patients to machines to record or elicit physiological data. Visit Company Website

 Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Sabai Technology focuses on the development and distribution of wireless network equipment for use with VPN clients. Sabai Technology developed a custom operating system, based on the open sourced Tomato OS. Sabai's goal is to make VPN network technology accessible to the average user with extreme ease of use.
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Graduate | Life Sciences 
Design and manufacture of medication distribution systems to increase patient safety and workflow efficiency. Visit Company Website

Grant Funding | Life Sciences
Our goal is to become a global leader in production, processing, and application of nanomaterials and nanotechnology products. SAI Global Technology has developed pristine and doped nanocarbons which hold promise for the development of better energy storage devices. Particularly in the case of supercapacitors, doped nanocarbons could alleviate the quantum capacitance, which is a major bottle neck for high performance. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Grant Funding | Information Technology
ScopeStack redefines the pre-sales process for IT services providers, managed services providers and cloud services providers through a unique SaaS automation platform. In one simple step, the platform enables engineers to accurately price professional services and reduce time to scope a project. Visit Company Website

Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
SEALCATH is a medical device company with a unique patented double balloon catheter known as the Cephus Catheter. The catheter can improve the process for a variety of gastrointestinal procedures. The innovative technology allows for greater effectiveness and efficiency in medical procedures.
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