SCRA Member Companies receive mentoring support and are eligible to apply for grant funding and an investment from SC Launch, Inc. Graduate companies have successfully launched out of the program. Companies are aligned with Information Technology, Life Sciences or Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sectors.

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 Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
KIYATEC Inc. performs standard and custom in vitro cell based assays through contract service offerings for the medical device and pharmaceutical industries. The company creates and utilizes live phenotypic 3D cell-based models for drug response profiling and applies them to generate information relevant to preclinical testing, clinical trials and clinical cancer diagnostics applications.
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Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing  LaminaHeat has created a patented, thin-film, carbon-based full surface composite heating technology that allows customers to quickly and safely incorporate heat into their products. The company’s novel solution can be integrated into bridges or walkways to melt ice and snow, flooring to heat transit vehicles, tile bathroom floors, automotive seating and a variety of other uses. Visit Company Website 

Client Company | Information Technology
We use fully patented technology to help real estate investors, banks, and developers make profitable and prudent investment decisions in all types of land. Small developers will be served by customized, automated reports that provide site condition analysis, a projection of the asset volume, and/or a forecast of the value of that asset. Large developers and investment houses will be served by a SaaS solution, where they vet deals on a larger scale. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Information Technology
Latett has created a social sharing and publishing platform, called Gides, which merges multiple revenue streams, viewing options and distribution capabilities into a unified platform. The platform uses a versatile and easy-to-use content creation interface.
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Grant Funding · Landing Party | Life Sciences 
Leukogene Therapeutics Inc. is a Charleston-based biotechnology startup developing a platform of targeted therapies for patients with advanced cancers. Based on research from the Medical University of South Carolina the company is focusing on developing new treatments for drug resistant Multiple Myeloma and other cancer types.…

Client Company | Information Technology
Lien Nation provides real-time insights and analytics for delinquent property tax sales. The company has developed a proprietary software bidding algorithm predicting the likelihood of redemption and licenses the real-time insights and analytics to the company's customers. Visit Company Website

Graduate | Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Commercializing technology for advanced material manufacturing using 2D patterns built from nanoparticles. These patterns can be used to manufacture diffractive micro-optics and for creating arrays of nanopores and nanomagnetic structures for life science applications. Visit Company Website

Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
Marnel Pharmaceuticals, headquartered in Charleston, SC, is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing and commercializing novel therapies for treatment of dermatological conditions and diseases.
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Life Sciences  The company manufactures solutions for the medical device market. Their platform technology, VersaStim, is an implantable pulse generator system that provides an alternative to drug therapy for chronic pain. The product is distributed internationally and the company is developing additional devices to introduce to the market. Visit Company Website 

Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
Medical Beam Laboratories is a Clemson University spin-off company that was founded by a small group of medical physicists, engineers and entrepreneurs to develop a product line of advanced robotic radiosurgery systems for human and veterinary applications.
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SC Launch, Inc. Graduate Company | Information Technology MedProcure provides innovative supply chain solutions for healthcare providers, their suppliers, and their GPO’s. Their products save time, increase efficiency, and reduce costs for the entire supply chain. They offer a wide variety of compliant software solutions. 

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Microhortone is developing cutting-edge microwave techniques that can be used by brewers, distillers, biopharmaceuticals companies and biofuel producers. The online cell monitoring technology improves product quality and yield. The company, located in Central, South Carolina, is commercializing the results of research conducted at Clemson University.…

Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
MicroVide is a start-up venture that came from a partnership with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Foundation for Research Development (FRD) to advance IP from the university. MicroVide provides the platform for moving medical discoveries forward in the field of cardiovascular disease. Their technology and approach will provide for real-time, practical way to measure critical biological pathways or drug levels in patients during a surgical procedure or during delivery of drugs.
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Grant Funding | Life Sciences MIPY has developed, designed and patented a simpler solution for epinephrine delivery, which is typically used to combat severe allergic reactions. The company’s solution is much smaller, uses less parts, requires less force to activate and promises to be a less expensive alternative to current epinephrine auto-injectors. Additionally, other medications can be loaded into the MIPY device to help reduce cost of auto-injector medications. Through strategic partnerships with organizations such as …

Grant Funding | Advanced Material and Manufacturing 
Miravan is the company formed to bring Moozi to market. Moozi is the patented solution for preparing perfect temperature formula bottles in under a minute. Moozi leverages the coffee pod revolution with a feeding solution technology that provides an easy and safe method for formula bottle preparation.
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