SCRA Member Companies receive mentoring support and are eligible to apply for grant funding and an investment from SC Launch, Inc. Graduate companies have successfully launched out of the program. Companies are aligned with Information Technology, Life Sciences or Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sectors.

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Portfolio Company | Grant Funding | Landing Party | Information Technology  Tallo assists all levels of STEM talent in identifying career pathways, educators in recruiting top talent to their schools, and employers in developing a stable, continuous talent pipeline. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Life Science 
Stomagienics is dedicated to designing innovative solutions for people living with ostomies. Their products solve many of the critical issues ostomates and medical community face when changing an ostomy pouching system. The company’s tools restore control, independence and confidence with revolutionary hygiene friendly methods leading to containment, alignment and disposable features. Visit Company Website 

Client Company | Information Technology With Surcee, you, your family and friends can create gifting circles and fill them with gift ideas - what you’re into, things you love, charities you support - that you'd love to 

Life Sciences
SW Products is the manufacturer of the Marlee Float Skimmer, which is used in sediment basins and storm water detention/retention ponds to meet EPA requirements and improve water quality.…

Grant Funding · Landing Party | Life Sciences
Sylvatica is developing a novel, non-toxic approach to bank human organs, enable global organ matching and save millions of lives. We use the best strategies employed by freeze-tolerant and hibernating animals in nature and then augment with complementary strategies developed through recent scientific understanding, bioengineering principles and modern tools.…

Grant Funding |Information Technology 
Award winning provider of Vendor Neutral, Adaptable, Activity Based Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Value SaaS Calculators. Our tools help companies make better Asset Decisions on sourcing, pricing and selling. TCO Toolkit is the 1st software to be self certified to support the APPA / ANSI TCO Standard.
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Graduate | Information Technology  TerraStride designs and produces map-based software for high-value niche markets. TerraStride has two product lines: HuntStand, the number one hunting and land management app on the market, and TerraStride Pro, a market-leading land brokerage software. Visit Company Website 

Portfolio Company | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
A producer and rectifier of premium spirits by a process using ultrasonic energy, oxidation and filtration. Their patented TerrePURE® technology is a natural process that has been independently proven to reduce unwanted, harsh-tasting congeners, revealing a smoother, more sophisticated spirit in the process.
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Graduate | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Research and development company specializing in the development of specialty monomers and polymers. Visit Company Website

Portfolio Company | Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
tForm is an advanced manufacturing company created to address a need in the market for custom engineered packaging solutions for manufacturers of consumer, medical and industrial goods, a $20B market segment in the US. By combining software technology with vertical integration, tForm is able to significantly reduce the time-to-market for these products. Visit Company Website 

Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Tide Stop is a company who manufactures and sells stormwater check valves. Sea level rise has increased the frequency of tidal flooding events in coastal communities. Stormwater check valves prevent high tide waters from flowing back into stormwater infrastructure and flooding roadways.
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Client Company | Information Technology
Treis Blockchain operates a distributed blockchain transaction processing business where the company processes digital currency and other blockchain transactions. Treis is based in Greer, where the company data mines cryptocurrency, preventing cyberattacks in the financial and retail industries. Treis is at the cutting-edge in blockchain intellectual property development projects.…

Grant Funding · Landing Party | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Trulite is a clean tech power products company (20 watts to 2kW) engaged in the development and production of alternative energy sources, such as solar, hydrogen and fuel cells. Their portable generator, the KH4 is a 250 watt system that utilizes Trulite's proprietary hydrogen storage technology, called the HydroCell. The Hydrocell, generates hydrogen on demand for powering our fuel cells that make electricity.
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Member Company | Grant Funding | SC Launch Inc. Investment | Information Technology UASidekick is an app that allows drone pilots to file flight plans and access airspace quickly & easily through a mobile platform. UASidekick also works closely with government and regulatory agencies to provide a technological solution for airspace management and drone identification. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Information Technology
University Education Consortium, Inc. has developed a marketplace for online, higher education courses doing business as The underlying principle of the marketplace is to provide more affordable access to current students, working professionals, and other learners. Students can find the courses needed and enroll from one site, which allows institutions to fill seats in their existing courses, maximizing their financial efficiency.
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