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SCRA Webinar: USPTO Webinar Series

The Path to a Patent, Part II: Patent Searching

Thursday, July 8 @11:00am | Register Now!

Before you file your patent application, you need to conduct a prior art search. At this virtual presentation, you will learn about the benefits of searching, how to perform a prior art search using keywords and the Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) system, and how to build a search strategy. We will also provide resources for filing your application.


US Patent and Trademark Office Speaker

Cynthia Sdrewski, ASRC Federal

Cynthia Sdrewski (ASRC Federal) has been a member of the Information Technology Resource Provider (ITRP) since July 2003. Cynthia has a Masters in Management Information Systems from George Washington University.  Prior to joining the ITRP program, Cynthia has held several jobs in training computer software as well as software development.  With a BS in Math/Computer Science, Cynthia brings to our team a solid IT background coupled with significant experience in software development and training.

ITRP for the Rocky Mountain Regional office since it opened June 2014.

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