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Grow Beyond Startup.

Develop a business plan to accelerate graduation from SCRA.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021  |  Register for Webinar

Successful SCRA Member Companies share an amazingly consistent determinant of success: Owners that can build and tell the story of their business. This goes far deeper than learning how to pitch.

For too many founders, their business plan is built from their side deck – this is backwards. As a result, valuations are fantasies in which investors do not which to participate. That narrative, and all of the required chapters can be consistently written through the use of a proper business plan. We’re talking about the importance of really diving in, not merely creating a one-page plan or a 10-slide pitch. A proper, living business plan guides and informs a company.

It tells the story of how people, product, processes, sales, finance, and strategy relate. Learn to tell the story for which you are the hero. It is the key to graduating SCRA and continued growth.

Jerry Pilewski, FocalPoint Coaching and Training

Jerry Pilewski believes that strong businesses are the engine room to a sustainable, vibrant community.

A passion for service underscores his life, evidenced in early days as an Eagle Scout and later through over two decades as a Naval Officer. As a FocalPoint Business and Executive Coach, that foundation remains strong.

A U.S. Naval Academy graduate, Jerry later earned a Masters which concentrated in complex organizational planning, budgeting, and operations. During over two decades of service as a Naval Officer, he led teams across 45 nations and six continents. They ranged in size and maturity from the equivalent of start-ups to blue chips. That experience and passion for developing clear, executable strategic vision and strong organizations led to his coaching focus: he partners with original owner/founders to help them build successful businesses around their amazing products.

Jerry believes that through business, owners and executives can build a life of significance and create a legacy of which they are proud.


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