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SCRA Webinar: 5 Most Common Sales Mistakes for Small Business, Sales and Management Disciplines for Growth

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As a small-medium size business, seeing early success with growth while making adjustments on the fly can be exciting and rewarding.

Those are the great experiences. But there are also a variety of challenges and pitfalls that plague businesses. Only 3% of new businesses will make it to $1M in revenue. Only 2% will make it from $1m-$5M, and still only 1% will make it above $5M annually. Why? What are the demands on the business at $5M vs $1M? What changes do the owners of these businesses make in not only expanding their sales roles but expanding their every role?

Join us for the upcoming webinar on July 15 at 11 am to discuss the role of sales and how to drive sales growth, consistency, and sustainable success.

The webinar topic of “5 Most Common Sales Mistakes for Small Business: Sales and Management Disciplines for Growth”  will look at the challenges of growth and how to make sure you are implementing the right strategy, structure, and process to build sustainable results and create more freedom for the owner.  We will also discuss changes and best practices since COVID that can positively impact sales and your company’s performance.


Bob Stahlsmith, TruStrive Sales Consulting

Bob serves as a skilled sales catalyst amassing significant management & leadership across businesses in each segment of the business cycle. A driving force in his career was leading sales individuals and teams to achieve and over-achieve relative to goals. He enjoys the” player-coach” roles in guiding a fully engaged, energized team to exceed sales quotas and welcomes working with future-facing organizations that value dedication, skill, excellence, and integrity. The personal call is to develop individuals using a style of focus, motivation, consistent feedback, and equipping team members with higher skill & decision making. Join the team members inside the challenge of the day-to-day looking for opportunities…. working your way to being a trusted advisor.

Extraordinary business outcomes and culture develop around the right alignment of people, process, technology, and skill. It is no longer good enough to hope that a good product solves your sales/growth needs: you need a combination of great selling along with good product, support, and operations to produce a consistent and sustainable performance story. A considerable distinction for Bob is over-delivering results across each phase of the business cycle: two start-ups, one divisional expansion, a growth company, and two market leaders!

Bob currently serves as President of TruStrive Sales Consulting working with small to medium sized business in need of an Outsourced Sales VP or Interim Revenue Officer. Prior to being a business owner, Bob was part of a successful high-growth story with a healthcare software company that was acquired in March of 2016. Additional business business experience includes working with market leaders Schering/Merck Pharma and Motorola Communications. He currently lives in Powdersville, SC and is passionate about faith, family, finance/investing, fitness, football, and golf.


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