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SCRA is fostering the growth of collaboration across academic institutions and between academia and industry partners to advance commercially relevant research and establish Research Alliances.


The SCRA-Academia Collaboration Team (SACT) announced nearly $600,000 in feasibility grants for six projects. These Research Alliances will be formed for those areas demonstrating a critical mass of talent, infrastructure, financial resources, intellectual property and industry in South Carolina.

R&D Efforts


Financial Resources


Commercial Viability

Intellectual Property


Address industry needs

Coalesce existing resources across multiple institutions

Attract additional resources

Resolve gap

Create opportunity for jobs, workforce development and business growth

Research Alliances

Based on inputs such as market assessments and the evaluation of competencies in academia, nine potential fields of collaborative research were identified and prioritized based on their strategic alignment with institutional objectives and SCRA’s mission. The SACT then selected the top fields that hold the highest promise for delivering an economic impact for the state:

Research Alliances that engage contributors from academia and industry will be founded for those areas demonstrating a critical mass of talent, infrastructure, financial resources, intellectual property and the prevalence of industry in South Carolina.

Focus Areas

By connecting clinicians, industry and engineers, the Medical Devices Alliance will enhance the translational relevance of medical devices within the state and accelerate the time to market for solutions to identified clinical needs.

Medical Device Commercial Advisory Panel

As part of this Research Alliance, the MDCAP was formed to provide industry insight to the innovators and technology transfer offices. Learn more about the MDCAP.

EDA Regional Innovation Strategies i6 Challenge

SCRA will create the South Carolina Medical Device Alliance (MDA) to invent, advance, and bring products to market. This multi-stakeholder partnership, comprised of Clemson University (CU), Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), and industry leaders, will form a regional innovation cluster to grow the economic impact of this sector through job creation and startup formation, as well as to attract international businesses to establish a presence in South Carolina. Learn more about the i6 challenge.

The Technology-enabled Population Health Alliance develops and deploys technology-enabled solutions to address population health challenges, improve health outcomes and equity, utilize population health data and provide health workforce development.

Industry neXt is the convergence of information and communications technologies with manufacturing processes to drive unprecedented real-time control of energy, productivity and costs across factories and companies. Smart manufacturing was identified as one of the highest-priority manufacturing technology areas in need of Federal investment.

Notice of Solicitation for Industry neXt Grants


A rigorous six-month feasibility assessment for the Research Alliances culminated in a Request for Proposals in three research fields. In May 2018, the SACT announced nearly $600,000 in feasibility grants.

Advanced Manufacturing Alliance:

  • Collaboration among Clemson University, Greenville Technical College and industry partners Kistler Instrument Corp., Keyence Corporation of America and Renishaw.

Medical Devices Alliance:

  • Collaboration between the Medical University of South Carolina and Clemson University.

Technology-enabled Population Health Alliance:

  • Collaboration among the Medical University of South Carolina, Trident Technical College and industry partners Zeriscope, Inc. and Amanda Senior Care.
  • Collaboration between Francis Marion University and a regional health organization as the industry partner.
  • Collaboration among University of South Carolina – Upstate and industry partners ChartSpan Medical Technologies and a state agency.
  • Collaboration among Clemson University, Florence-Darlington Technical College’s Southeastern Institute of Manufacturing and Technology and industry partner Greenville Health System.