SC Launch Client Companies receive mentoring support and are eligible to apply for grant funding and an investment from SC Launch, Inc.  Graduate companies have successfully launched out of the program. Companies are aligned with Information Technology, Life Sciences or Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sectors.

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Client Company · Grant Funding | Information Technology
Guhroo helps payroll and HR service providers grow their practice by offering elegant and simple HR software that is branded to their company. The company’s easy-to-use HR platform allows them to compete with national payroll providers and win more business while expanding their service offering for their existing clients. Guhroo was also approved for an Acceleration Grant in November 2018.
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Client Company | Information Technology 
HAH Parking, a Charleston-based company, has developed a mobile “smart parking” solution that maximizes the use of underutilized parking spaces. The product connects paying customers to empty parking spots by allowing drivers to find and park in nearby spots listed by locals, and space owners to earn extra revenue from idle spots. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Grant Funding | Life Sciences
Recipient of 2020 BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina SCRA IPF Diamond-Level Contributor Named Acceleration Grant. Hank AI has developed a medical coding as a service solution that learns the coding process from its human users via workflow-integrated knowledge capture. Hank takes real time feedback from human coders in a novel way. This approach combines the benefits of two traditional solutions, retrospective machine learning and a rules-based expert system, to meet human level accuracy and enable automation faster than ever before while simultaneously decreasing adm…

Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Healthy Hands Cooking is a wellness training and support company that certifies independent cooking instructors and provides curriculum to schools so they can run healthy cooking classes, camps, events, and after-school wellness programs for students of any age.
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Life Sciences
The Hummer combines acoustic vibration and pressure in a comfortable, clean not messy, cost effective, easy to use device which gives a feeling of immediate relief of nasal congestion. We believe it will reduce the incidence of sinusitis and provide a treatment option for sinusitis and other upper airway infections, including the “common cold”.…

Portfolio Company | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Heatworks has invented a new way to heat water using the electrical resistance in water. Our goal is to have commercial partnerships in place to incorporate our technology in electric water heating devices in each of our core markets by 2020 -- from residential home water heaters, to coffee machines and appliances, from milk pasteurizers to desalination plants.
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Life Sciences 
The Hercules spinal reduction system treats patients with a spondylolisthesis deformity that causes extreme back or leg pain, and who have found no improvement with more conservative treatment options.…

Client Company | Information Technology 
Hook Security, located in Greenville, is a cybersecurity training company focused on reducing company risks through simulating phishing and social engineering attacks. Trainings provided by Hook Security are based on new innovations “edutainment,” so employees are coached and entertained into safer behaviors through shareable video content. Hook Security is 100% dedicated to its reseller partners in the technology channel. Visit Company Website

Portfolio Company | Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing   Hoowaki® engineers micro-surfaces on rubber and plastic products to improve grip or increase slip. We are eliminating "…

Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing
Our company manufactures specialty single crystals primarily for the laser and optics industry. Our competitive advantage is our growth technology which consists of crystal growth in super heated water. This leads to very high quality single crystals for high end optics applications.
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Humimic Medical Client Company | Grant Funding | Life Sciences Humimic Medical is a rapidly growing medical trainer manufacturing company driven by innovative product design, world-class customer service, and fueled by a robust collaborative 

Portfolio Company | Life Sciences 
Hydro One develops and makes premium functional beverages that address many common health issues such as high blood sugar, diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight issues. We are committed to educating consumers that hydration and supplementation are critical factors in improving health management. We are equally committed to providing high quality products as alternatives to beverages containing artificial ingredients and large amounts of sugar.
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Portfolio Company | Life Sciences 
An early-stage medical device company focused in ophthalmology and leading the emerging, non-laser based, precision capsulotomy category for cataract surgery. Visit Company Website

Graduate | Portfolio Company | Life Sciences 
Developer of a biomedical devices. iDTx Systems develops diagnostic and therapeutic devices for medical treatment of patients on mechanical ventilation to optimize care and improve outcomes. Visit Company Website

Grant Funding | Life Sciences
InDepth has developed a novel diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that will help improve the lives of chronic kidney patients. Visit Company website