SC Launch Client Companies receive mentoring support and are eligible to apply for grant funding and an investment from SC Launch, Inc.  Graduate companies have successfully launched out of the program. Companies are aligned with Information Technology, Life Sciences or Advanced Manufacturing and Materials sectors.

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Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Tide Stop is a company who manufactures and sells stormwater check valves. Sea level rise has increased the frequency of tidal flooding events in coastal communities. Stormwater check valves prevent high tide waters from flowing back into stormwater infrastructure and flooding roadways.
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Client Company | Information Technology
Treis Blockchain operates a distributed blockchain transaction processing business where the company processes digital currency and other blockchain transactions. Treis is based in Greer, where the company data mines cryptocurrency, preventing cyberattacks in the financial and retail industries. Treis is at the cutting-edge in blockchain intellectual property development projects.…

Grant Funding · Landing Party | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Trulite is a clean tech power products company (20 watts to 2kW) engaged in the development and production of alternative energy sources, such as solar, hydrogen and fuel cells. Their portable generator, the KH4 is a 250 watt system that utilizes Trulite's proprietary hydrogen storage technology, called the HydroCell. The Hydrocell, generates hydrogen on demand for powering our fuel cells that make electricity.
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Client Company | Grant Funding | Information Technology
UASidekick is an app that allows drone pilots to file flight plans and access airspace quickly & easily through a mobile platform. UASidekick also works closely with government and regulatory agencies to provide a technological solution for airspace management and drone identification. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Information Technology
University Education Consortium, Inc. has developed a marketplace for online, higher education courses doing business as The underlying principle of the marketplace is to provide more affordable access to current students, working professionals, and other learners. Students can find the courses needed and enroll from one site, which allows institutions to fill seats in their existing courses, maximizing their financial efficiency.
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Portfolio Company | Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Vän Robotics is revolutionizing student learning by combining artificial intelligence and proven teaching techniques into friendly, approachable, and funny robots. The company’s initial robot, ABii, complements classroom learning, or can be used to facilitate learning at home. ABii is the first artificial intelligence tutor and was created by Laura Boccanfuso, Ph.D., based on ten years of research at University of South Carolina and Yale University and her passion for integrating technology into the classroom. Visit Company Website

Client Company | Grant Funding | Life Sciences
Veretrack LLC, is a wearable health tracking device company based in Greenville, SC. Veretrack has developed a patented, temperature sensing earring poised to transform women’s reproductive health by accurately, conveniently and comfortably identifying the user’s core body temperature- a biomarker vital for successful fertility tracking.…

Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Viatec has developed an affordable, green solution for commercial vehicles in the utility, telephone, construction and delivery industries. Their fully electric product, SmartPTO, is equipped to save fuel, reduce maintenance costs and lower noise while commercial vehicles are idling. Through national partnerships, Viatec delivers these products in a modular, flexible, scalable manner to meet customer needs.
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Portfolio Company | Graduate | Life Sciences 
Developed a patent-pending, web-based Vidi PACS and DICOM reporting solution, and medical imaging software products, that enables improved patient diagnosis. Visit Company Website

Portfolio Company | Information Technology
Vizbii Technologies located in Charleston, has developed a patented technology solution called Morphii, which measures human experiences by capturing reactions to stimuli. The solution allows users to self-report experiential response types like emotions, moods, and physical sensations, and their respective intensities, using digitally manipulated images. Preliminary applications include measuring the customer, employee and patient experience. Visit Company Website

Grant Funding | Information Technology 
Voterheads provides organizations and citizens with proactive alerting of issues that may impact them before they come up for a vote, so they still have time to make an effective impact on the legislation. We become an organization’s go-to resource for proactively managing the local governments in which they have a presence.
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Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Life Sciences 
VRM Labs owns a technology for production of new natural antioxidant, called Prot-X, that is a cost effective substitute for synthetic preservatives used in pet food. The natural antioxidant has been proven to safely increase the shelf life of pet and animal feed. VRM Labs is a spin-off from Clemson University and has received several grants for their research.
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Information Technology  Waitlist Me makes waiting more bearable with a waitlist and reservation management application that lets businesses send text and phone call notifications to alert customers when it is their turn. Waitlist Me was started by ex-Googlers and has been used to seat over 100 million customers since 2012. Visit Company Website 

Client Company | Information Technology Wander Technologies, Inc. dba Rayka is a social reporting platform to find out what's happening in the moment nearby. Visit Company Website

Portfolio Company · Grant Funding | Advanced Materials and Manufacturing 
Wave Sciences applies the sciences of waves to enable better hearing in a noisy world. They develop embedded and textile-based directional audio technology with applications in the hearing aid, human-machine interface, and health condition monitoring markets. The company’s patented and proprietary technologies enable wireless, hands-free, real-time capture of speech in noise and over distance with order-of-magnitude improvements in intelligibility and range.
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