5 – Expansion and Maturity

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At this stage there should be a routine to running the company. The right number and type of employees are in place to handle the operations  and the company has achieved great growth that is expected to continue. You may considering plans to expand into other markets or geographies or possibly exiting via an IPO, merger or acquisition. By hiring investment bankers and other service providers you can prepare for these events. You may find that some founders and/or investors make exits while others continue with the company. Be sure to communicate effectively with the board and investors.

Typical funding options at this phase include strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions and Initial Public Offerings.

Key Concepts of this phase:

  • Global Expansions
  • Investor Dividends
  • Exit Strategy and Future Growth

Typical resources needed at this phase (update this list – it is just an example):

  • Executive Advisers (this is just to text the hyperlink to EA’s)
  • Investment Advisors (add link)