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Chris Van Metre, President, SCRA Applied R&D
Chris Van Metre
President, SCRA Applied R&D

Applied R&D

SCRA Applied R&D helps federal agencies accomplish their missions by creating and managing portfolios of R&D projects.

We build and lead technology development teams. SCRA Applied R&D recruits and organizes consortia of industry and academic organizations to execute the projects federal agencies need in their R&D portfolios. The active contract value of R&D portfolios under SCRA Applied R&D management is .

We have a strong track record of delivering technologies that achieve wide-spread industry adoption and application. SCRA Applied R&D executes contracts with the consortia members that are best capable of successfully completing projects and transitioning the outcomes into the industry marketplace as “early adopters.” Our effective technology transfer strategy has led to widespread industry adoption.

We overcome traditional barriers to teaming such as geographical and organizational divides and intellectual property issues. We act as a trusted agent of the federal agency and industry consortia, helping them reach consensus, establish priorities and produce results. More than 90% of the contract value is outsourced to the industry and academic consortia members. Open competition and an effective solicitation process help us engage top researchers and technologists, bundle capabilities from various sources and deliver best-fit vs force-fit solutions.

Our collaborative technology development model is tailorable. It can be applied to a wide range of technology development and deployment solutions.

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